Testimony From Family

Family & Friends, thank you for your continued prayers. Today was Shawn’s 112th day in a hospital. We are so thankful to the Lord for his continued recovery. His healing continues to amaze the medical staff here at Craig Hospital & to those who have recently visited Shawn. Here are some comments from Shawn’s Aunt Peggy Weak from Moorpark, California. Peggy writes: “One of the first times I saw Shawn in the hospital he was motionless, his eyelids half closed, his eyes looking so empty and devastatingly dull.  What a joy it was to see him two weeks ago at Craig Hospital! He talks, teases, grins and holds his body up. He spends hours on physical therapy. Though the therapy is exhausting, Shawn never asks for a rest or complains. Everyday he uses his strength of character and body to improve. And everyday, twenty four-seven he is loved, cheered on and supported by Marilyn, Shannon and Kevin. I am awed and inspired by the four of them and so proud to call them family.” And we also heard from Scottsdale, Arizona’s Brendan & Lindsey, Shawn cousins: “We first saw Shawn just hours after doctors had delivered an unthinkable prognosis. Surrounded by family Shawn laid motionless, non-responsive, and bound to an array of medical equipment.  On September 21st, at Craig Hospital, we witnessed first hand one of God’s miracles and the purest example of the unrelenting human spirit.  There sat Shawn; alert, smiling, talking, and laughing.  Throughout the weekend we heard story after story, and more impressively, witnessed Shawn’s amazing progress towards recovery.  Shawn is surrounded daily by an amazing support system. Kevin, Marilyn, and Shannon who did not accept the doctors’ original prognosis, and now Shawn proves on a daily basis just what can be accomplished with a can do spirit.” We thank Peggy, Brendan & Lindsey for their encouragement. We thought these personal updates would be a huge blessing to all of you who are praying or have prayed for Shawn. We are praising God daily for Shawn’s healing. He continues to improve his walking skills (with some assistance), but gets very tired from this activity; both mentally & physically. Daily Shawn talks about wanting to jog & how close he feels he is to doing so. His attitude remains dedicated, focused & positive. We thank the Lord for that too. Please keep praying. The right side of his body is getting stronger, but it still lags some behind the left side. Also, pray for his vision as it continues to improve too, but is not 100% yet. We are so blessed to see the hand of God at work on a daily basis. We thank God for His mercy & compassion to Shawn & to our family.

Romans 9:15-God says “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”