Physical Therapy

“Craig Hospital – Day 3” It was an unusual day today at the hospital. When we arrived to Shawn’s room this morning he was not there. This was the first time in 37 days Shawn wasn’t in his bed in his hospital room. We checked his daily & weekly programmed schedule & he was in therapy. We went to the therapy room & Shawn was dressed in blue scrubs & in his new tennis shoes. He was getting physical therapy; being stretched & exercised. He was very active most of the day. Dad was walking down the hall one time & 2 nurses taking Shawn somewhere. He just looked at Dad like don’t bother me right now. We came back in the early afternoon & Shawn was again gone from his room…doing more therapy. He also got a haircut late this afternoon. The doctors & nurses are very encouraged by his progress in only a few days. We are so grateful to Peter (our family’s unofficial/official adopted son from Uganda). He lives in Denver & we are staying at his home. Our dog Snickers seems to be enjoying his home & Peter’s hospitality too. We are so grateful to the Lord for working all of this out for Shawn & us. Please keep praying for Shawn. We need the Lord to touch & heal his brain. We do believe God is providing a miracle to Shawn which entails a full recovery. Thanks for your prayers.

Proverbs 16:1 “The preparations of the heart belong to man, But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.”