Day 40

Hi everyone. It’s day 40 today!  We had a great weekend! We all got certified so we could take Shawn outside into the garden at the hospital. He loved it.  We have been out there the past two days. Dad was trying to take a picture of Shawn and he fell over into the plants and shawn heard and started laughing! He’s doing really well and got to have a good rest before the busy week of therapies and different things they have for him. They have been dressing him in regular clothes and has a nice pair of nikes on!

My dads friend David the singer from the Christian band David Crowder Band and his drummer Jay came by the hospital to see Shawn and pray from him. They looked like 2 Duck Dynasty members walking in! Dad made fun of their beards and Shawn put a smile on. He’s really been engaging more by smiling or laughing… He was watching a movie in his room yesterday and something funny was sad and he started laughing :). Thank you all for your prayers. The doctor said Shawn is doing this that he shouldn’t with this type of injury and we know why!  The Lord is working on him and healing him.. Please continue to pray for Shawn and for the family. We really are blessed to be here and around some of the nicest most caring people we have met in a hospital. It’s so relax and professional. They don’t even have to wear scrubs. It just makes it feel not like its a hospital. We decorated Shawn’s room this weekend so Shawn could see all the fun stuff we did as well as the nurses get to know Shawn.  The picture of it are below. Thanks again for remembering us and praying. Please keep it up 🙂