A Time To Be Thankful

Family & Friends, what a special Thanksgiving that we are celebrating this year. I hope each of you are abundantly blessed as you reflect on God’s mercy & goodness to you. Shawn walked out of Craig Hospital three weeks ago this Friday. At times he uses his wheelchair & will continue so until his balance & strength improves. He began his out-patient therapy the week after he walked out of Craig Hospital. Shawn continues to be healed by our amazing Lord. What a miracle we have seen played out before our lives. Shawn works hard in his therapy sessions which makes a big difference in the speed & quality of his improvement. We bring him to Craig Hospital four days a week for physical, speech & occupational therapy. Besides these sessions Shawn has been & will do weight lifting and treadmill work. Shawn has an independent physical therapist that comes to Peter’s home four times a week & rigorously stretches him. We continue to see him improve not only physically, but also in many cognitive ways. The ultimate goal for Shawn is complete independence. When he’s ready…he plans (Lord willing) to return to USC & finish his last semester & graduate USC’s Marshall School of Business. That possibly might include him taking one summer school class next May. We’ll see how his development continues. Short term we have decided to stay in Denver & continue with his recovery here. We are thankful that we’ll get to spend Christmas in Scottsdale, Arizona with family & friends. After Christmas we’ll continue his therapy in Colorado until mid-late January. From that point to the next phase depends on what I’m doing employment wise & where we would like to live. With that being said, I’m looking for my next “occupational” mountain to climb. Please pray for much wisdom & guidance from Jesus in regards to what the future might hold. Please continue praying for God’s compassion for Shawn’s complete physical healing. He desires to jog & do his mountain hiking once again. Also, please ask God to touch his brain for full cognitive recovery. We are so grateful this Thanksgiving for Shawn’s life being spared by God & so thankful too for all of your prayers

1 Thessalonians 5:18 – “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”