77th Day

Family & Friends, it has been a long stay in the hospital for Shawn & our family. This past Tuesday was our 77th day in a hospital. It’s thus far been 42 days in Denver at Craig Hospital (which is the best). Those are just numbers, but we are quickly approaching the 3 month mark of spending a minimum of 12 to 14 hours a day in a hospital. The past 2 weeks have been exceptional in regards to Shawn’s improvement. We are so thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for His daily healing of Shawn. Shawn’s physical therapist today was raving about how Shawn was using his legs to stand and said to him “I have never seen a patient progress as fast as you are, your parents must be close to God.” What a testimony to the power & mercy of Jesus. God is using Shawn here at Craig Hospital. Through his good & respectful attitude along with his hard work they see Shawn’s determination to improve his physical condition. But, many are seeing as noted by this therapist God’s intervention & healing touch in a way that they’ve not seen before. Please continue to pray for Shawn’s progress. When he arrived at Craig Hospital the staff was hopeful to just get Shawn to swallow. Six weeks later he is eating 3 meals a day (gaining weight after losing about 25 pounds), talking and he’s now using the muscles in his legs to try to stand (& he is doing this with some help) on his own feet. The medical staff could not have envisioned or even hoped for what Shawn has accomplished thus far. BUT–please keep praying for the remarkable improvement that the Lord is using to put His glory on display. We can see how God is using Shawn and our family here. We are humbled by this opportunity, but truly amazed by God’s love & in awe of His faithfulness. Thanks again so much for your prayers!

Gospel of Luke 1:37-“For NOTHING is impossible with God.”