15th Week

Family & Friends, Tuesday, October 15th marks the 15th week (105 days) that Shawn has been in the hospital. The first 5 weeks were in Los Angeles & the last 10 weeks in Denver at Craig Hospital. Shawn continues to improve & make strides towards a full recovery. His neurologist, Dr. Alan Weintraub said no time table can he set as to when Shawn will be 100% recovered, because people & their brain’s heal differently & at their own pace. Craig Hospital (Dr. Weintraub, his nurses & therapists) are amazed at Shawn’s progress. They are encouraged by how far he’s come in two & a half months while here in Denver. Shawn’s first 5 weeks in L.A. hospitals were just a time of survival as he was in a coma most of that time. Dr. Weintraub stated that certain aspects of his healing are coming quickly while other components of Shawn’s healing could take months up to a year or two. His communication skills are excellent. Shawn impresses everyone with his wit & humor. His long term memory seems very good too. His short term memory in certain areas is also improving. Shawn is moving his arms, legs, hands & feet very well. His arms have gotten much stronger due to his arm exercises & overall therapy. His legs are much stronger too, but his ability to balance himself without assistance while walking needs more prayer. It’s getting better, this area of improvement just needs lots more prayer. He scoots around some using his legs while in his wheelchair. Shawn can stand up on his own for about 15-20 minutes. As mentioned, he is re-learning how to walk. He utilizes a machine or therapists to assist him with the development of his walking. Shawn has come a long, long ways! We are so grateful to a compassionate Lord Jesus for Shawn’s daily healing. Shawn & our family enjoyed visitors this past week. His Aunt Peggy Weak from L.A. visited for 5 days & his Uncle Jim Perry & Cousin August from NYC visited for 3 days over the weekend. Please continue to pray for Shawn’s complete healing & recovery. His progress has been astonishing-thank the Lord. Pray for Shawn’s brain to heal so that the wiring for his brain signals strengthen & improve their connection to his eyes & legs. Pray for continued vision improvement & that Shawn will soon be able to walk on his own. Thanks so much for your prayers. Please continue to be diligent in praying for Shawn & our family.

1 Thessalonians¬†5:17¬†“pray without ceasing” or “pray continually” or “never stop praying.”